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Alba Racing ECU Reflash- Polaris XP1000
Alba Racing ECU Reflash- Polaris XP1000

Alba Racing ECU Reflash- Polaris XP1000

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Make more horsepower more top speed and increased throttle response all while keeping your engine running cooler and safer with a simple plug in. Features: -Engine speed and torque limiters removed. (Including V-Max and shaft saver) -Raises rev-limiter to 9200rpm. -Enhanced timing curve for increased throttle response and power. -All limiters removed -Cooling fan turned on 20 degrees cooler. -Keeps throttle plates wide open at upper rpm's. -Simple plug in installation. -**See below for more info. Due to the increased timing 91+ octane fuel must be used.

***This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal.

ECU core options:
Option 1: Pay no core charge. Send us your ECU. We will re-flash it and send it back to you within 1 week.

Option 2: Purchase Outright - No core is required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $399

Option 3: We send you a programmed ecu and you pay core charge of $399. You send us your ECU as a core within 2 weeks and we refund your $399 core charge.

Competition Use Only - competition or racing parts are those that have not been proven by their manufacturers to not increase vehicle emissions. These parts are not legal for use on any pollution-controlled vehicle in California, and they are required to be labeled as such when they are offered for sale. These parts may only be used on closed course racing or competition vehicles, or on off-road vehicles manufactured prior to the ARB's introduction of off-road emissions standards.

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