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Alba Racing Yamaha YXZ1000R Heavy Hitter Flywheel
Alba Racing Yamaha YXZ1000R Heavy Hitter Flywheel

Alba Racing Yamaha YXZ1000R Heavy Hitter Flywheel

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Alba Racing Heavy hitter flywheel. This is the best mod you can make to your YXZ 1000. The difference is night and day.

-CNC billet flywheel balanced. 
-Hard anodized black to prevent rust.
-Over 2x the stock weight as well as increased diameter.
-Much harder to stall.
-Greatly increased low speed driveability.
-Helps put the power to the ground out of turns.
-Less jerky and clunky when down shifting.
-On turbo cars it will also help keep boost pressure up after a shift.
-No negative side effects. No loss in acceleration or power. Just smoother.
-Easy bolt on install in about 30 minutes.
-Works great with all clutch types.
-Made in the USA.

Fits all models and years Yamaha YXZ 1000 stock to modified.

SEE VIDEOS BELOW! (click on video to start)

Our heavy flywheel will substantially increase your low speed driveability. It will take off from a stop much smoother and easier. When crawling through rough terrain or cruising down your local trail you will love how much more driveable the car becomes. When shifting the car will be much less jarring and smooth. When developing this we made over 12 different flywheels of different weights and sizes. The stock flywheel weighs about about 5.4 pounds. We tested over 15 different weights and diameter flywheels from 2 to 15 pounds. In the end we decided the best setup was approx 10 pounds with a increased diameter that makes it feel like a 12# flywheel. This flywheel has no negative side effects. Your car will accelerate just like before and many people have told us the car puts down the power better and comes out of corners faster. We tested it in Rekluse clutch setups as well. It makes a big difference with the Rekluse helping the engine get moving from a stop when on a hill or against an obsticle. This flywheel helps in all terrains from mud, hardpack, desert or sand dunes.  


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