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Axia Alloys Billet Headset/Goggle Hanger (Perpendicular to Bar)
Axia Alloys Billet Headset/Goggle Hanger (Perpendicular to Bar)

Axia Alloys Billet Headset/Goggle Hanger (Perpendicular to Bar)

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Billet Headset / Goggle Hangers


The Axia Alloys billet headset / goggle hangers can mount to any size tube using our patent pending modular rollcage clamping system. These clamps are low profile enough to fit under roofs and other accessories mounted to the roll cage. They are designed to have close tolerances between the top of the hanger and the bottom of the mounting tube so that it uses the padding on your headset to keep them in position while driving. The hook on the end of each side will keep thinner headsets and goggles from falling off as well.
When ordering, please specify your tubing size and preferred color.


XP1000 AND XP4 1000 1.75
XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo 1.75
RZR 900 2015 and up 1.75
2014 and older RZR s Perimeter 1.75
2014 and older Polaris Ranger and RZR and RZR S and XP Rear Harness Bar and Rear Bumper crossbars 1.5 (4 seat versions have a 1.25 rear top crossbar as well)
General (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND)1.75 top crossbar only (rearview mount)
Ranger (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND)1.75 rear harness bar only
Ranger(Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND) Use 9 Bolt On mirror for rearview
Polaris RZR 170 1.25"
RZR steering column 1.5

YXZ 1000 1.75" Perimeter Top crossbars 1.5
Rhino Perimeter 1.75 Top Crossbars 1.5
Rhino Steering column 1.5
Viking and Viking  6 seater  2.0
Wolverine Perimeter 2.0 Top Crossbars 1.5

Kawasaki Teryx / Teryx 4 Perimeter 1.875 Top Crossbars 1.7

Pioneer 1000 1.75
Pioneer 700 1.625
Pioneer  500 1.625
Big Red 1.625

Wildcat / Wildcat 4 1.75"
Prowler (must have aftermarket cage installed)

Maverick and Maverick 4 seat 2.0

Maverick X3 1.875"
Commander 2.0

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