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Demon Powersports Heavy Duty 2014-17 Yamaha Viking 700 Axle
Demon Powersports Heavy Duty 2014-17 Yamaha Viking 700 Axle

Demon Powersports Heavy Duty 2014-17 Yamaha Viking 700 Axle

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Part Number:PAXL-80HD-V

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  • Thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE) Boot

  • 15%-20% increase in diameter compared  to regular axle

  • 10%-15% increase in CV joint size  compared to regular joints

  • 30 to 35% stronger than regular axles

  • High strength chromoly steel shaft

  • Greased with  Molybdenum grease

  • Precision CNC machined

  • Heat treated

  • Inboard joint is designed to allow up to 40° articulation   

  • Outboard joint swing from 45°-47° depending on the models

    Applicability: 2014-17 Yamaha Viking 700 and Viking VI

    Chances are you use your Yamaha Viking for both work and play and if that s a case you may know what we are talking about when we say those stock axle shafts have got to go. The weak OEM axles just can t take the abuse that you re sure to put your machine under. Lucky for you our friends at Demon Powersports stepped up to the plate and came up with these heavy duty stock length axles as a quick and easy upgrade for your Viking 700.

    Made from Chromoly steel and approximately 20% over stock axle diameter, these have a strong resistance to breaking and bending like the OEM. They didn t stop there either, the CV joints themselves also feature an oversized construction, they are also precision machined and feature an induction heat treatment to reduce friction and increase the strength of the joints. Also worth noting is the maximum swing angle achieved is somewhere around 45-47 degrees so premature failure of the axle due to axle binding is also alleviated. So if you re looking for a better than stock axle replacement take a look at these Demon heavy duty axle available here.

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