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Desert Molding Concepts Polaris RZR XP Double Down Equalizer Intake Package Deal
Desert Molding Concepts Polaris RZR XP Double Down Equalizer Intake Package Deal

Desert Molding Concepts Polaris RZR XP Double Down Equalizer Intake Package Deal

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Looking for a affordable way to increase your horsepower? This is just what you need! The Double Down Equalizer Intake Kit is an addition to your stock intake system. Our intake kit corrects the negative pressure produced when running your motor at wide open throttle which causes the factory airfilter seal to leak. It adds 10 useable horsepower across the whole powerband, creates better low end throttle response, wholeshot, and overall drivablity! Since you completely reatain the stock intake system, we provide caps to block the system off to utilize snorkel kits that run off the stock intake. It's a sure bet! So Double Down!

The development of the 
Double Down came about to resolve the inherent issue of the air filter lip being compromised due to the negative pressure/vacuum build up in the stock air box, which basically means that the intake does not support the air flow demands of the motor. This effects the weakest link in the system which is the sealing lip of the air filter allowing dirt to get past the seal and directly to the intake/ throttle bodies, (never a good thing!). We were the first to point out this issue. 

The Double Down proved successful in eliminating the negative pressure build up in the box and after Dyno testing it proved to unleash the full potential of the 900 motor. We gained HP through the usable power band. The crisp throttle response gives excellent off the line acceleration and mid range punch (Bonus!). 

Does the Double Down support Engine builds? Absolutely!!!
We have had several customers that have added Stage II kits, exhaust, ECU upgrades etc.. Since the Double Down is the only kit on the market that actually adds matched air flow, adding the Double Down has let them realize the full potential of their investment.

Does the Double Down support bigger builds or engine swaps? Yes It Does!
The current trend is swapping in the XP1000 motor into the XP900 chassis. Due to the space restraints of the XP900 they are staying with the stock XP900 intake system. The addition of the Double Down gives them the air flow required to support it (Awesome!).

Features of the Package....
1. Double Down - Adds matched air flow, eliminates negative pressure build up and adds nice performance gains. Works excellent with motor builds too.
2. Super Seal - Creates a thicker, compliant seal for the filter lip for added protection
3. Upper Box Keepers - Supports box to motor mounts keeping the box in place so it won't fall off the mounts
4. "Foam Buddy" pre filter - Adds true pre filtration for main air filter, helping aftermarket gauze filter with fine particles and adds extended service life and water repellency to the stock paper air filter. 

So if your looking for a cost effective way to make your stock intake rock solid, add some nice performance gains and true pre filtration, then the Double Down might be just what your looking for.

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