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Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser 0-3.5" Suspension System - Stage 7 (Tubular)
Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser 0-3.5' Suspension System - Stage 7 (Tubular)

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser 0-3.5" Suspension System - Stage 7 (Tubular)

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The Stage 7 suspension system w/ tubular UCA for the 2010 +  FJ Cruiser is the best over all handling bolt on suspension system you can install, and incorporates all of the top level components along with adding the CDCV adjustable shocks. This system can handlle any terrain you throw at it and gives you unsurpassed ride quality on the street with incredible offroad performance. ICON tubular steel rear upper links and Adjustable Pan Rod Bar were added to make the Stage 7 system, which add strength and allow you to fine tune rear end positioning. The Remote Reservoir 2.5" coil over shocks and Billet Upper Control Arms give the FJ's front suspension longevity and great heat dissipation, our rear springs in this system give the FJ Cruiser 2" of lift, and the rear billet lower links help manage the rear axle to cycle smoothly with out bind. ICON's V.S. Series 2.5" Diameter Rear Resevoir Shocks are critical component for people that use their vehicles in various on and offroad situations. These shocks are tuned specifically to give your FJ a balanced and smooth ride quality, along with extended length shock cooling from the increased oil volume and piggyback reservoir. 57810 FJ 2.5" rear shocks have a built in bump zone to increase your compression valving in the final two inches of compression travel, which prevents the harsh bottom out sensation, and gives the vehicle a much more controlled ride quality. ICON's CDC Valve upgrade is included in this stage front to back for those desiring an easy way to tune the ride externally with 10 settings from soft to hard.

Tech Info: 

We recommend the use of our #56100 shock shin guards or a protective boot to reduce the chance of shock shaft damage. These shocks are located in a vulnerable position that allows debris to easily come in direct contact with the shock shaft.

Wheel & Tire Fitment Info: 

OEM Wheels & Tires:    Yes

Aftermarket Wheels:    16" - 18" w/ up to 5" Backspace

                                 20" + w/ up to 5.250 Backspace (pending wheel make)

Aftermarket Tires:       33" Tall Tires

                                 Larger Tires May Fit but Fender Trimming and Modifications will be Required.

System Components:

58747C  (QTY - 1)  - Extended Travel Remote Reservoir Adjustable Coil-over Shock Kit w/ CDCV

58451    (QTY - 1)  - Tubular Uniball Upper Control Arm Kit

52700    (QTY - 1)  - 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit

57810C  (QTY - 2)  - ICON V.S. 2.5 Series Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks w/ CDCV

54000T    (QTY - 1)  - Tubular Steel Rear Lower Link Kit

54100T    (QTY - 1)  - Tubular Steel Rear Upper Link Kit

54200    (QTY - 1)  - Adjustable Rear Track Bar Kit


56100   (QTY - 1)  - ICON Rear shock shin guards

52800    (QTY - 1)  - ICON Overland Series dual rate 3" lift rear coil springs

56104    (QTY - 1)  - Rear hydraulic bumpstop kit

198000  (QTY - 1)  - ICON 2 pin spanner wrench

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