As all of you know by now, there was an unimaginable tragedy earlier this week. It comes as no surprise that the Offroad and Country Music scenes are closely tied together, and have been for many, many years. Hundreds of our friends, vendors, and family members attended this music festival; thankfully most of them left unharmed but some are still stuck in the ICU and are recovering. 

We've been thinking of ways to help, and donating money to those affected seemed like the best option.. So, for the entire month of October we will donate 5% of all profits to victims and their families to help cover medical expenses and funeral costs. Steve Sisolak, the Clark County Commisioner started a GoFund me page earlier this week with a goal of $1 Million, and by noon that same day, it was already at almost $2 Million. As of today, Wednesday, it is almost to $10 Million! The heart and soul of America is showing, and we want to be a part of it as well as a company. Rather than donating money to big organizations who just pay their CEOs senseless salaries, and give minuscule portions to the people who need it, we feel that donating proceeds to the GoFund me page or to the Commissioner directly is the best plan of action. This is not a marketing ploy, it’s simply the right thing to do in this difficult time.

We have been in contact with Mr. Sisolak and have coordinated donations should the GoFundMe page get taken down for any reason. If you feel like donating but don't need to purchase anything from us, please visit this page for more info and to donate:

This week, we want everyone to slow down and take a moment to reflect on the lives lost and the valiant efforts of the first responders and concertgoers among the crowd who saved countless lives by risking their own. This event hit the core of all of us, but we must all unite and regroup, and come back stronger and more united than ever.


- The Team at Alternative Offroad, Inc.

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