Heading out on a ride with your friends, and want to make sure you have all the necessary tools and recovery gear to make it through a long trip? In our experience, there are a few parts that you should always have on hand on your next ride.

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER! This is THE single most important safety item to bring with you on a ride! We CANNOT stress how many times we have seen RZR's go up in flames.. We sell Axia Alloys Billet Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Kits that include everything you need for a complete clamp-on installation http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Axia-Alloys-Billet-Quick-Release-Fire-Extinguisher-Mount_p_364.html. We also have the Assault UTV Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Kit as well http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Assault-UTV-Billet-Quick-Release-Fire-Extinguisher-Kit_p_965.html
  • Jack.. We sell the Pro Eagle Off Road Floor Jack w/8" Extension. This jack comes in very handy as most jacks don't extend tall enough for the suspension droop of UTV's. It also comes with a skid plate on the bottom. http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Pro-Eagle-Off-Road-Floor-Jack-w8-Extension_p_1462.html. Jacks help to change tires, axles, etc
  • Winch.. Someone in the group should have a winch. Winches help with recovery if someone in your group goes off-trail or if you get stuck in mud and need to get pulled out! We sell the MotoAlliance Viper Winches as well as Pro Armor winches and they can be found here http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/-Winches-Recovery-Gear-More_c_65.html
  • Simple Tool Kit.. This can have your basic hand tools from flathead and phillips screwdrivers to an allen set, Torx bits, and wrenches. These help when you are changing a belt, a tire, an axle, or other on-ride fixes.
  • Spare Tire.. Everyone has flats, so make sure you have a spare setup! We sell all of the popular brands and sizes of tires, most UTV's use a Maxxis Bighorn, so we sell those as a spare. You can also use any other popular tire such as a Tensor Regulator, STI Chicane, STI Roctane, GBC Mongrel, GMZ Kahuna, which we have listed here http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Tires_c_146.html
  • Heavy Duty Axles.. Carry one as a spare! Axles break more than you think. We carry Heavy Duty Replacement RZR Axles such as the El Gordo. http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Slasher-El-Gordo-Severe-Duty-Rear-Axle-Polaris-RZR-XP1000_p_1424.html. If you don't need such a heavy duty axle, we also sell a standard duty replacement axle as well from Slasher that can be found here http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/-Axles-Ball-Joints_c_148.html
  • Air Compressor Kit... If you don't want to carry a spare tire/wheel with you on your ride, make sure you have an air compressor kit as well as a patch kit! We sell a really nice Polaris RZR XP1000 Air Compressor kit that bolts right in in under 5 minutes! This kit also works for the new 900S models and can be found here http://www.alternativeoffroad.com/Full-Metal-Fabworks-Polaris-RZR-Adventure-Air-Compressor-Kit_p_1344.html
These are the absolute necessities that you should always have access to while you are on a ride. Make sure you stay safe and always ride with a buddy. Give us a call or check out our website for all your accessory or parts needs for your Polaris RZR parts, Can Am Maverick parts, Yamaha YXZ1000R parts, Honda Pioneer parts, Polaris General parts, Arctic Cat Wildcat parts.. Whether it's recovery gear for the trail, or a new tire and wheel set, or maybe a new LED Lightbar or pair of LED Offroad Lights for your ride, we've got you covered!

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