New Tensor Regulator 2 All Terrain UTV Tire


By leveraging the insights gained from Tensor's race proven competition tires, Tensor has developed the ultimate all-terrain tire for UTVs - the Regulator 2. 

Boasting the original Regulator's durable long lasting tread life with enhanced weight and performance attributes, this is the perfect UTV tire for traversing any terrain. 


 • Proprietary nylon bias ply carcass with nylon belts results in improved ride dynamics and performance while off-road while saving weight compared to steel belted construction tires. 

 • Decreased weight unleashes all available horsepower from your machine. 

 • Variable, all-terrain tread design delivers responsive and predictable acceleration, steering, and braking with a smooth and quiet ride. 

 • Increased tread depth ensures long lasting performance for performance focused UTV owners. 

 • Unique ribbed upper sidewall design for increased puncture resistance susceptible areas. 

 • Offered in 28", 30", 32", 33", and 35" sizes.

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