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Odyssey Batteries PC925 Powersports Deep Cycle AGM Battery
Odyssey Batteries PC925 Powersports Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Odyssey Batteries PC925 Powersports Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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Adding Lights? Adding Accessories? You're going to need more battery power! When your stock battery won't cut it, step up to this Odyssey PC925 Drycell Battery!

Odyssey PC925 Drycell Battery, AGM, American Made! 3 Yr. Free Replacement 

The PC925 Odyssey is a 12 volt 925CA/380CCA 28 Ah drycell battery w/ female brass terminals.

Odyssey's secret is the use of high purity lead. This allows the battery to put out tremendous cranking

power while having the ability to be discharged completely and recharged over 400 times. The pure

lead design also is resistant to corrosion and sulfation on the internal plates, the number one cause of

battery failure. The Odyssey PC925 is capable of being charged at up to 15.2 volts at 50 amps making

for a quick recharge time. Odyssey batteries can be charged by any conventional 12 volt charger.

Battery Usage:

  • Starting
  • Volts 12 V
  • Battery Terminals Top
  • Battery Type Dry cell
  • Cranking Amps at 0 Degrees F 380 amps
  • Cranking Amps at 32 Degrees F 925 amps
  • Reserve Capacity 52 minutes
  • Length (in) 6.625 in.
  • Width (in) 7.000 in.
  • Height (in) 5.000 in.
  • Weight 23 lbs.
  • Quantity Sold individually.
  • Terminals M6 Receptacle or SAE 3/8" Receptacle
  • Pulse Current (5 sec) 925
  • CCA (Cold Start Performance) 380
  • HCA 625
  • MCA 500
  • Nominal Capacity (20 Hr Rate-Ah) 28
  • Nominal Capacity (10 Hr Rate-Ah) 27
  • Reserve Capacity Minutes 52
  • Torque Specs in-lbs (Nm max) 60 (6.8)
  • Internal Resistance (milli Ohms) 5
  • Short Circuit Current 2400A
  • Odyssey® Batteries Conventional Batteries
  • No metal jacket internal threaded brass terminal with M6 SS bolts

Design Life: 8-12 years (Float) @25° C (77° F) 5 years

Service Life: 3 to 10 years 1 to 5 years

Electrolyte Drycell: ("starved electrolyte") no external leakage or corrosion Most are acid flooded (causing acid burns and spills); some wet sealed or "gelled"

Storage Life: 2 years before needing charge @25°C (77°F) 6-12 weeks before needing charge

Shipping Air transportable; US Department of Transportation classified nonspillable (less expensive) Ground transport; classified as hazardous material (more expensive)

End of Life: Battery slowly loses power at end of life; no catastrophic failure Immediate and catastrophic loss of power (can leave you stranded)

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