New to the adrenaline rush that is offroading? Before you get behind the wheel, or get behind the wheel again, it’s important to go over safety tips and safety equipment. Offroading is crazy-fun, but it’s still an activity that requires operating a large vehicle….not to mention a vehicle you won’t be driving on paved roads. Check out a few offroad safety tips before getting “on the road again”: Recommended Essentials In addition to a full tank of gas, it’s recommended you have the following with you when offroading: ● Tow rope ● First aid kit ● Mobile phone ● Navigation aids ● Spare tire and related accessories ● Air compressor ● High lift jack ● Shovel ● Fire extinguisher ● Spare tanks of water ● Two-way radio What’s Comfortable Never, ever let anyone talk you into trying a trail that scares the heck out of you. Forget about being called a “wuss,” as staying alive and safe is much more preferable than crashing down the side of a mountain or extremely steep hill. Less Air You might think you want to fully inflate your tires, but you’d be wrong. Less air allows more contact and therefore more traction with your chosen road. It also allows your tires to maneuver logs, boulders, and the like with greater ease. Owner’s Manual If you haven’t read your vehicle’s owner’s manual yet, now is the perfect time. The more you understand about your vehicle’s operation, the safer you’ll be. Friends and Family Refrain from going alone on any offroading trip! Always have at least one other person with you, if not a group of friends and family. There’s safety in numbers for a very good reason! Tie Down Tie everything inside your vehicle down. If you don’t, various items will go flying and possibly hit you, which is a serious safety hazard. Ensure everything is securely tied down before you go careening over that big hill you have your eye on. For more offroading driving and safety tips, contact Alternative Offroad today. We specialize in UTV parts and accessories, as well as superior shop services.

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