Here at Alternative Offroad, we sell nothing but the best brands in the industry, including but not limited to VisionX LED Lighting, Rigid Industries LED Lighting, and Baja Designs LED Lighting. Each brand has it's own unique features and their own flagship light. For example, VisionX Introduced the LED Light Cannon originally in a 4.5" round with a 25-Watt Single-Source LED. Then they came out with the same Light Cannon in a 6.7" with a 50-Watt LED, and now they have the GIGANTIC 8.7" 90-Watt Single Source LED Light Cannon! They use snap-on covers that not only protect the light, but they also change the beam pattern and beam color with one snap! So you can go from spot, to flood, to euro, to driving combo, and from clear to amber, to red to blue, or blackout! They also offer the newest light in the line, the XPR 10-Watt LED Lightbar, which is a GREAT high speed and long distance light bar, which is easier on the wallet than the double-row PX 5-Watt Light Bar. They come in lengths from 6", 11", 18", 24", 30", 35", 40", 46", and 51". They also offer this light in an XPI which is the same light but in a 5-Watt version as well, even easier on the wallet! The nice thing about these lights is the fact that the outside reflectors are actually tilted to the outsides so you get flood light without compromising distance! These can be mounted on your RZR, XP1000, Maverick, Ford Raptor, or Sand Car very easily.

Baja Designs offers a plethora of lighting options for your RZR or offroad vehicle as well! They have their OnX6 in both straight and radius versions, and it's a great light! They also offer the Squadron 4-LED Square Pod Light which throws an INSANE amount of light for the size. They have their small S2 Pro LED Light which is one of the tiniest form factor lights with the most output!

Rigid Industries offers plenty of options, from their Dually 2x2 LED Light, to their Dually D2, to their E-Series Lightbars, E-2 Series Lightbars, RDS Radius Lightbars, and any mount you can think of for pretty much any current offroad vehicle on the road, including many truck mounts for your Ford Raptor, Ford Superduty, Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, Jeep JK, Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick,etc!

With all these light options, it may be hard to choose one! But remember, every light serves a different purpose. It's better to get a longer light bar up top, then use a smaller round or pod light for driving light and/or flood light, and maybe a rear chase light in amber. The VisionX Light Cannons have been the most versatile lights yet with the introduction of their covers, but remember we are here to help with any specific questions you might have!

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