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Polaris Digital Dash 2.0 w/ Reverse Camera
Polaris Digital Dash 2.0 w/ Reverse Camera

Polaris Digital Dash 2.0 w/ Reverse Camera

Your Price:$999.99
Part Number:POL-DD-2
  • Simple and seamless- Polaris has developed the first of its kind; this display will put you at the center of your riding experience in a whole new way.
  • 4.3 high-resolution, full-color, LCD digital display
  • Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth  display text message and missed call indicator, phone battery life and cell signal strength
  • Diagnostics screen displays vehicle fault codes, descriptions and suggested actions to resolve issues
  • Vehicle Immobilizer and security function allow you to lock your vehicle with a passcode. NoteThe security function is only available for Polaris Snowmobiles
  • GPS Connectivity offers exact location information including elevation, latitude/longitude, compass bearings, as well as recording your route so you can find trails again.
  • For RZRs must purchase RZR Install Kit 2880497
  • For RANGERS must purchase RANGER Install Kit 2880567
  • For RANGERS CREW Models additional harness kit is required: 2413116
  • For ACE must purchase ACE Install Kit 2880537
  • For SPORTSMAN must purchase SPORTSMAN Install Kit 2880536
  • For Axys must purchase Snowmobile Install Kit 2880493
  • For Pro-Ride must purchase Snowmobile Install Kit 2880495 & Ultimate Defrost Bag 2879090

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