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Razorback Technology Belt Temp Gauge - 3.0 Edition
Razorback Technology Belt Temp Gauge - 3.0 Edition

Razorback Technology Belt Temp Gauge - 3.0 Edition

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Meet our new 3.0 Edition Infrared Belt Temp Gauge. This gauge features an all aluminum and steel design, with a much smaller cup than our previous gauges. We're using new cabling with this gauge that allows both the sensor and the gauge to easily detach. Our 3.0 Edition Gauge allows for real-time monitoring of belt temperature - displaying current, average, and high temperatures on a LCD screen with LED alerts. Oh and did we mention that it's completely waterproof?

3.0 Edition Gauge Features:

  • LCD Screen - Easy to see, even when the sun is bearing down right overhead.
  • LED Alerts - The incorporated LED has been programmed to change colors as the temperature of your belt reaches certain temperatures. If you see anything other than green, it might be time to back off a bit. LED will turn yellow then red, and if belt temperature is still rising - it will begin to strobe, and then fast strobe to alert you of the heat damage that is occurring to your belt. 
  • Machined from steel and aluminum.
  • Waterproof from the sensor to the screen.
  • New cabling allows for easy detachment of both sensor and gauge from the cabling.
  • Tracks current belt temperature, average temperature, and high temperature recorded during run-time. 
  • Compatible with Pro Sensor

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