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SVC Lower Control Arm/Fox 3.5" Dual Shock
SVC Lower Control Arm/Fox 3.5' Dual Shock

SVC Lower Control Arm/Fox 3.5" Dual Shock

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Bypass Mount
Fox 3.5" Bypass
  • CNC Laser Cut Box Construction

  • 100% Bolt On

  • Integrated Secondary Bypass Shock Mount

  • 3/4"12 point 8740 Alloy Steel Lower Control Arm Bolt

  • Grade 8 Hardware

  • Integrated Steering Stop

  • Bearing and Bushing Cup Wraps.

  • Optional Bolt On 3.5" Bypass Mount 

  • Optional Fox Racing Shox 3.5" Custom Bypass Shock

The SVC Lower Control Arm with Secondary Bypass Mount was designed to be the ultimate in 100% bolt on Raptor Suspension.  We are the first company to offer a kit that houses a 3.0 Coil-over and additional secondary Fox Racing Shox 3.5" twin tube bypass shock with mount.  The amount of damping control in the front end of this kit is ridiculous.  You simply float over holes that normally rattle your teeth out.  Large G out's become fun vs. painful bottom outs, and confidence it inspires is on a whole other level.  One of the most common themes we have heard from our customers test trucks is "it's time for a cage".  

The goal for us was simple.  To give Raptor owners a kit that is daily drivable, ridiculously fast in the dirt and in perfect balance with our Bypass Rack System for the rear of the truck.  Others have asked, why not a long travel system instead?  The reality is, unless you plan on 4 linking the back half of your truck and running a full cage, there really is no point.  When the dual shock setup with the Fox Racing Shox 3.5" bypass and 3.0" coil-over is coupled with the SVC Bypass Rack system, it's faster and more capable of hitting huge holes than any Raptor should ever go without caging the whole truck anyway.  

 The arm itself is a sleek race-truck inspired design that's rolled at the bottom for better appearance and puncture protection without having a weld on the bottom. Many hours went into designing the proper bearing cup angle and slope to work with the factory upright.  The geometry of the setup is perfect.  We added an angled up slope to the front of the arm so the bearing cup seats perfectly in the arm to insure a proper weld without any gaps needing to be filled, thus keeping it in line as Ford intended.  The Bearing cups and chassis bushing sleeves are wrapped for added strength as well as fitted with zerk fitting for routine lubrication of the poly bushings.  The arm also has additional internal gusseting for added strength and longevity.

Another key component of our arm vs. others on the market who offer a dual shock setup is we have a near identical motion ratio for the 3.5 bypass shock and replacement 3.0" coil-over.  It was crucial that we didn't just add a larger second shock without it being geometrically correct. When dual shocks are out of line with each other, the motion ratio's and leverage ratios can change. By keeping our secondary shock in line with the factory coil-over mounting location, we keep the motion ratios of the shocks near identical. This equates to a better working suspension that makes tuning the shock far easier and much more effective.

Another first with this setup is a 100% bolt on CNC laser cut bypass mounting system.  The entire setup can be installed in a home garage with no welding required unless the end user chooses to do so.  It attaches to the frame with four grade 8 1/2 in bolts, and three 7/16th grade 8 bolts.  No trimming of the UCA factory mounting location is required. It also doesn't hurt that the secondary bypass shock adds some added bling to the wheel well for those who care about that sort of thing.

On the business end of things Fox was kind enough to build us our very own 3.5" twin tube external bypass shock with a robust 3.5 external reservoir for added cooling. This shock is a full blown race shock designed to have massive bottoming resistance.  The internals of the shock, and the fluid used is the same exact components as found on the Factory Fox racing vehicles.  When you opt for the Fox 3.5" Fox Bypass Shock, you are adding well over 100% damping control vs. a single 3.0 setup.  

We can't think of another system out there that goes on as easy, offers as much damping control and looks as good as what we have come up with.

Experience the SVC difference for yourself!

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