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Sand Tires Unlimited STU Tribute 29" UTV Front Sand Tire- Pair
Sand Tires Unlimited STU Tribute 29' UTV Front Sand Tire- Pair

Sand Tires Unlimited STU Tribute 29" UTV Front Sand Tire- Pair

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Sand Tires Unlimited UTV Tribute Front Sand Tires- Pair

Sand Tires Unlimited Tribute UTV series front sand tire was designed to allow the driver to use the AWD featured on most side by sides. Compared to a traditional front smoothie sand tire and knobby dirt tires, these tires are specially designed to offer increased steering response and improved flotation while not sacrificing hill climbing abilities in the sand.

The Tribute, like with the Razor Back series features multiple offset ridges to increase side bite for improved steering without digging too much into the sand or increasing roll resistance. This improves the UTV's steering response and reduces understeer.

What the Tribute also features that the Razor Back series tires doesn't have are mini paddles. These mini paddles allow for you to use AWD in the sand with a set of rear paddles and avoid having to run a set of high drag dirt tires in the front. The advantage of using AWD with the Tribute tire over 2WD with a set of front smooth tires on a UTV is improved hill climbing, acceleration, more precise steering and increased stability. The small paddles also throw very little sand compared to front mounted dirt tires.

The Tribute is sold uncut and has paddles facing in both directions. The tire can be ran as is, but it's recommended for better performance to do a competition cut that removes every other paddle. Doing this cut turns the tire into an asymmetrical tire that can only be ran in one direction.

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