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Super ATV Assassinator Mud Tires
Super ATV Assassinator Mud Tires

Super ATV Assassinator Mud Tires

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Part Number:ASN-29.5/8/14

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Assassinator Mud Tires

Available Tire Sizes
  • 29.5x8-14
  • 32x8-14
  • 36x7.5-20
  • 40x7.5-20

We recommend running our 5" wide Healy Fast Series Wheels with all 7.5" wide tires!

Assassinate the mud hole with SuperATV's new Assassinator Tires! Built for Battle ! With deep lugs, extreme grip, and a narrow profile, the Assassinator Tire can get you through the thickest and slickest of mud. Utilizing the same technology as our Terminator Tire, the Assassinator has a self-cleaning lug that immediately sheds the unwanted weight of carrying around built up mud. Like all SuperATV tires, we've maintained a smooth ride for the occasional trail or road ride. No matter how you're getting dirty - mud bogging or trail riding - the Assassinator can get the job done!

  • 3" tread depth
  • Unmatched grip in the thickest, slickest mud
  • Self-cleaning tread design
  • Narrow stance to navigate the sloppiest of mud
  • Load capacity:
    • 657 lbs. @ 7 psi (29.5")
    • 724 lbs. @ 7 psi (32")
    • 624 lbs. @ 10 psi (36")
    • 735 lbs. @ 10 psi (40")
  • 6 ply ratings

If you are ordering tires and wheels from us and would like them mounted, give us a call before placing your order. 818-825-9764

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