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Super ATV Can-Am Maverick 6" Portal Gear Lifts
Super ATV Can-Am Maverick 6' Portal Gear Lifts

Super ATV Can-Am Maverick 6" Portal Gear Lifts

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Part Number:PGH-7-32-6

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Can-Am Maverick 4" & 6" Portal Gear Lift 

Why We Make Them? 
Take back your torque with Gear Driven Performance by SuperATV. We all know monster tires rob your much-desired horsepower. To keep that ultimate performance and gain an extra 4" or 6" of coveted lift, you want GDP from SuperATV. 

Why GDP? 

The GDP portal lift system spares no details as the most comprehensive kit on the market. SuperATV knows suspension and transferred over 10 years of suspension engineering into the GDP portal lifts. GDP starts by vertically relocating the axle centerline while retaining factory steering geometry; a must if you want to increase the life of your axles, differential, and drive train components. Our 4" Lift provides a 1.4:1 (approximately 30%) gear reduction. Our 6" Lift provides a 1.82:1 gear reduction (approximately 45%). Pair with either of those and you've got a performance driven machine! 

  • Pair with SuperATV lift kits, a arms, and axles for extreme performance
  • 30% (4") or 45% (6") gear reduction
  • Designed for all terrains and riding styles
  • You will not chop your axles. GDP is the only kit on the market compatible with aftermarket and OEM axles with no modifications
  • GDP maintains performance-ready axle angles
Impenetrable Bearings and Seals 
  • First in the industry thrust bearing that is specifically designed to take axial load, unlike the standard bearing that is only sufficient for radial loads
  • Automotive grade bearings
  • Press fit, precision ground gears and shafts to eliminate unwanted slop
Precision-Ground Gears: drive gear, idler gear and driven gear 
  • Precision-ground chromium titanium alloy gears for industry best performance
  • Eliminates friction for reduced heat, noise and allows you to run at higher speeds
  • Reduced friction build-up
  • Quiet gears at all speeds
  • Performs at machine's fullest capacity
Steering Arm 
  • Heavy duty structural member
  • 10.9 grade hardware
  • Modular design for improved functionality
Aluminum Housing 
  • CNC machined aluminum housing
  • Polished aluminum for long lasting, stylish finish
    How About Adjustability? Pair with our adjustable a arms 
  • GDP understands the need for adjustability allowing you to custom tailor your machine to match your riding needs
  • Eliminates unwanted, premature tire wear caused from misalignment
  • Camber adjustability on all SuperATV a arms
Mounting Plates and Pivot Blocks 
  • CNC formed, fully gusseted 5/16" mounting plates
  • Forged pivot blocks
Slotted Rotors for Unmatched Cooling 
  • 6" Lift provides large 13" Rotors
  • Each wheel hub includes 4 bolt patterns 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, 4/110
  • Ability to utilize different wheels on same hub
  • Stainless steel, braided brake lines included in each kit
Wheel Requirements 
    4" Gear Lift
    • Requires a 14" or larger wheel
    • Wheels can not exceed 5" backspacing
    • Not compatible with dual beadlock wheels

    6" Gear Lift
    • Requires an 18" or larger wheel
    • 18" and larger wheels can not exceed 5" backspacing

SuperATV Part Number 7-32 
Will Fit:
Maverick Standard : 2013-2015 
Maverick X RS : 2013-2015 
Maverick X RS-DPS : 2014-2015 
Maverick X XC : 2014-2015 

SuperATV Part Number 7-32-003 
Will Fit:
Maverick Standard : 2016-2017 
Maverick DPS : 2016-2017 
Maverick XC : 2016-2017 
Maverick X XC : 2016-2017 

SuperATV Part Number 7-32-MAX 
Will Fit:
Maverick Max Standard : 2014-2015 
Maverick Max XRS : 2014-2015 
Maverick Max XRS-DPS : 2014-2015 

SuperATV Part Number 7-32-002 
Will Fit: 

Maverick X MR : 2014-2015 

SuperATV Part Number 7-51 
Will Fit: 

Maverick Turbo : 2016-2017 
Maverick X DS : 2016 
Maverick X DS Turbo : 2016 
Maverick X DS : 2015 
Maverick X DS Turbo : 2015 
Maverick X MR : 2016-2017 
Maverick X RS Turbo : 2016 

SuperATV Part Number 7-51-MAX 
Will Fit: 

Maverick MAX Turbo : 2016-2017 
Maverick MAX X DS : 2015-2017 
Maverick MAX X DS Turbo : 2015-2017 
Maverick MAX DPS : 2016-2017 
Maverick MAX X RS Turbo : 2016-2017 
Maverick MAX X MR : 2017

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