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Tribal Whips NightStalker LED Whip- 4'

Tribal Whips NightStalker LED Whip- 4'

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4' Night Stalker LED Whip w/Mount

 Night Stalker whips LED lighted whips are absolutely the best LED lighted whip on the market today, and they're very affordable. 

 LED Lighted Whip Overview: 

 Night Stalker whips has been on the forefront in producing the best performing and brightest whips on the market today. We offer the most flexibility with our mount system, which allows you the option of using your fiberglass whips, or LED lighted whip in the same mount, and can be interchanged within seconds and without the use of tools. Our whips come in 7 dramatic colors and one combo (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Pink Purple and Red/White/Blue). All of our whips are liquid filled, which help preserve the poles appearance and enhances the overall look of the product. Whips are 4' and 6' tall and come with a red pennant flag. Installation instructions are provided, and you get a 12 month limited manufactures warranty against defects and craftsmanship. 

 LED Whip Quick Connect / Disconnect Mount System: 

 Our lighted whips come with a machined billet aluminum mount, that's been hard anodized, and completed with all stainless steel hardware. As part of the mount, you get a fiberglass whip adapter that allows you to use both fiberglass and the Night Stalker whips LED lighted whip within the same mount, and they can be interchanged within seconds and without the use of tools.

 LED Whip Circuitry:

 Designing an electronic circuitry that can endure the abuse of the off road community takes knowledge and experience. Our circuitry boasts a number of design elements that make our whips the most durable and capable of accepting the high vibration loads, and poundings of the off road trails. And they're made from the highest quality materials and assembly practices. Our whips contain 20 - 1/4 watt LED's and draw up to 0.4 amps. This makes them the most efficient whip with the highest wattage output of all LED whips on the market today. 

 LED Whip Pole: 

 Our poles are made from high strength, light weight plastic that's very flexible, boasts high clarity, and won't crack. 

Product Specifications:

 Whip length: 4 foot 
 Supply current: Less than 0.5 amp 
 Supply voltage: 12v - 14.8v

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