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Tribal Whips Tribal X Multi Color LED Whip Kit- 5 ft.

Tribal Whips Tribal X Multi Color LED Whip Kit- 5 ft.

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Tribal X… The best multi - color and animated whip we’ve ever made!

There are a few things that customers primarily look for in an LED whip… Coolness, Brightness, and Durability.  Well… meet “Tribal X”!! .. all of that and more!!

For a long time we’ve wanted to produce a “spiral wrap” style LED whip,  because of how cool they looked, especially with certain animations and also because of how bright they can be.  But durability is a big factor in our customers’ decision making process, and we felt the LEDs needed more protection than just clear heat shrink.  So we added a very strong and flexible poly carbonate tube to protect the LEDs from hard impacts and strikes.  

And like ALL other Tribal Whips, Tribal X includes a true quick connect / disconnect mount that allows for quick and easy removal of the whip, within seconds and without the use of tools.

Warranty: 12 months limited against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship.

Aurora whips are a lot like a TV… The whip is independent of the animator (controller), much like your TV is independent of the cable box and DVD player.  Why is this important?… Imagine if your TV came with a DVD player that could only play what was on the DVD inside… it’d get pretty boring.  Unlike our competitors, we make it possible for our customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest or request us to produce a custom animator to play new proprietary programs… and it’s all plug ’n play and in most cases takes seconds to swap out.

Tribal X whips are compatible with all other Aurora model and series controllers… it’s a plug ’n play swap and takes just seconds.  

What included:  Once you've made your selections, the following will be included in your LED whip kit.

Single Whip

1 ea. LED whip w/Tribal X flag
1 ea. Animator kit of choice
1 ea. Quick connect / disconnect mount kit
1 ea. Product brochure
1 ea. Decal

Dual Whip

2 ea. LED whip w/Tribal X flag
1 ea. Animator kit of choice
2 ea. Quick connect / disconnect mount kit
2 ea. Product brochure
2 ea. Decal

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