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Trinity Racing Polaris RZR Pro XP Handheld Reflash Tuner

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Retail Price:$499.99
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Part Number:TR-V2100
If you recently purchased a new Trinity Racing Full Exhaust System or even a Slip-On Exhaust System, you will want to unleash all the possible performance you can get out of it, right? Well, this is your answer! This system will adjust your ECU to maximize performance out of this new exhaust. So, here's what the unit does. It adjusts rev limit, speed governor, cooling fan engagement and so much more. The bottom line is, you could potentially gain up to 22 horsepower! It will also adjust your air to fuel ratio for maximal performance, all with just a few clicks!

  • No need to remove and send out your ECU for reflash
  • Pre-loaded map for use with the Trinity 5 Exhaust Systems
  • Tunes via OEM diagnostic connector
  • Gain up to 22 horsepower when used in conjunction with the Trinity Racing Stage 5 Exhaust
  • Adjust rev limit and speed governor
  • Raises limp mode to 7000 RPMs
  • Adjust drive by wire
  • Adjust cooling fan engagement temperature to adjust when fans engage
  • Unit holds multiple tunes so you can change tunes without a computer
  • Display vehicle data channel in real-time
  • Weather resistant for use in all conditions
  • High contrast display is viewable in direct sunlight

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