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VisionX 2" Solstice Solo 10-Watt LED Pod
VisionX 2' Solstice Solo 10-Watt LED Pod

VisionX 2" Solstice Solo 10-Watt LED Pod

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Part Number:XIL-S11

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Beam Type

10-Watt LED

The Solo LED Pod outputs 1,052 raw lumens from a single 10-Watt LED and outshines most factory halogen headlights. Vision X uses top-binned LEDs, guaranteeing that you ll have the most lumen output your dollar can buy.

Compact Form

All those raw lumens come out of a housing that is only 2 wide. Featuring a singe-bolt mounting system, you ll be able to take the Solstice Solo Prime anywhere, anytime.


The Solo was designed to be used in many different applications and has the option to expand into other uses via available accessories. Battery packs, mounting accessories like handles and flush mounts, and the Omni-Link Connectors all make the Solstice Solo one of the most diverse LED Lights on the market.


XIL-S1110988815610°1Black1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S1110W988819410°1White1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S1130988816330°1Black1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S1130W988820030°1White1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S1160988817060°1Black1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S1160W988821760°1White1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S11e3065988818730/65°1Black1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A
XIL-S11e3065W988822430/65°1White1,052 lm736 lm0.76 lb9-48V100.83A

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