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Evolution Powersports 2017 Can-Am X3 ECU Programing
Evolution Powersports 2017 Can-Am X3 ECU Programing

Evolution Powersports 2017 Can-Am X3 ECU Programing

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EVP is once again on the bleeding edge being the 1st to tune the ground-breaking Can Am Maverick X3!  Can Am has given us a great package loaded with potential for big horsepower.  Our ECU tunes are developed in our state of the art dyno room on a Dynojet 250ix, then field tested on the trails and in the dunes of California, Idaho and Oklahoma for driveability and long term durability.  We have over 2000 dyno runs, street testing, desert testing and high altitude testing we are confident our tunes are the best and most thorough tested nobody in the industry tests the way we do!  Evolution Powersports also works with top racers in the industry such Marc Burnett, Dustin Jones, Kyle Chaney, Tim Farr, Lonestar Racing and others.  No one else has our tuning and racing pedigree!

R designation means the turbo wastegate crack pressure must be adjusted for higher boost (see our video on how to do this here)

i designation means big injector tune and includes flow matched injectors

Stage 1 15 lbs of boost for stock exhaust 91 Octane

Stage 2- 15 lbs of boost for stock muffler with Cat Bypass 91 Octane

Stage 3 15 lbs of boost for full exhaust 91 Octane

Stage 3Ri  16 lbs of boost, full exhaust 93 Octane

Stage 4Ri 17.5  lbs of boost, full exhaust 95 Octane

Stage 5Ri 17.5 lbs of boost, full exhaust  E85

For those thinking about a purchasing a 2018 X3 just for the power The 2017 EVP Stage 1 ECU Tune has more power and is faster for far less money than a 2018 trade in or even the 2018 Can Am power upgrade!  Video of 17 EVP Stage 1 X3 vs 18 X3 all stock

For those who want to upgrade to the 2018 fuel pump and tune, see 2018 Maverick X3 ECU Programming

This tune requires that your ECU be sent to Evolution Powersports - they will flash your ECU via the ECU connectors We do not have to open the ECU!

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